Microgaming’s Queen of the Crystal Rays is a slot machine you may play.

Experience the dazzling brilliance of the Queen of the Crystal Rays

Queen of the Crystal Rays is not one of those games that merely keeps you entertained for a while while providing you the opportunity to win large; rather, it is a game that immerses you in its very own world. This slot was developed by Crazy Tooth Studio exclusively for Microgaming, and it takes place in a land where magic is paramount, and where the queen of the title uses her fearsome skills and knowledge of ancient crystals to conduct various forms of mystical sorcery.

A Delight for the Observer’s Senses

This game is a true treat for the eyes, and we have every reason to believe that you haven’t encountered anything exactly like it in your gaming experiences before now. It has a format with six reels and four rows and includes a feature called Any near Wins, which ensures that if enough of the identical symbols land near to each other, they will be counted as a winning combination. This slot machine also has a Wild symbol. The medium level of volatility combined with the 25 pay lines (which will eventually be increased to 50) should provide you with lots of opportunities to win, and if you strike it rich, you might receive a payout that is more than 2,500 times your original wager.

The video game Queen of the Crystal Rays makes excellent use of colors reminiscent of neon, and the relatively dark background helps the colors shine out in a manner that is highly arresting. The game features a wide variety of gems with vibrant colors, a cauldron, a chalice, a treasure chest, a wild symbol, a multiplier, the Queen of Crystal Rays herself, and other symbols.

The emphasis placed on the sights is executed flawlessly, but your ears will be just as tantalized as your eyes owing to a soundtrack that is packed to the brim with melodies that are light and crystalline in nature. To put it another way, the audio is wonderful and does an excellent job of contributing to the establishment of an immersive and enchanted atmosphere.

Crystallized Reflections Comprise

When a Crystal Rays Feature is randomly triggered at any stage in the game, the number of pay lines will be increased from 25 to 50 and will remain at that level until the feature is deactivated. When this feature is activated, wild symbols will occur more frequently, and multipliers will serve to raise the prizes given for winning combinations in which they play a role, regardless of what those combinations are. The way in which crystal rays will bounce off a variety of reflectors, modifying the course that they would normally take, is perhaps the most spectacular aspect of this phenomenon.

Bonus for Being the Queen of the Crystal Rays

When you get three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, the bonus game Queen of the Crystal Rays will be activated for you to play. This includes a total of four bonus rounds and a gaming board that will be filled with crystal reflectors and monetary values at some point during play. After that, the crystal rays will be shot, and the direction in which they travel will determine how much you will earn. Each round follows the same basic structure, but as you progress, the multiplier crystals rise, which helps you reach even bigger victories.

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