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All businesses should be registered with your state to pay quarterly or yearly taxes.  Every state is different.

You will want to read up on your career and what your business should be registered as.

Most common are Sole Proprietor, LLC, Incorporation. They all play a different role in how you will file taxes, going off of your income volume, number of employees, and type of business. Click the word for its definition.

Click here to Register your business!

Business Proposal:

Getting a good business proposal written is useful when seeking funds for your business. Proposals can be sent to companies, banks, and private investors.

Most companies charge $1,000 and more to write an extensive 10 page and longer proposal which is needed in some cases.

If you need a brief information proposal you can create a FREE one on Better Proposals!

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Trademark your logo and or company name:

Visit this website to make sure your logo or company name has not already been copy written before you pay any fees.

Click here to Trademark your brand!


Copyright your work!

Literary, Performing artist, Visual arts, Motion pictures, Photos and other digital content.

Click here to Copyright your work!



Every business and freelancer that is paying taxes have to track business income and expenses. Consider the online or downloaded version for Quickbooks. We highly recommend this software. Click the word for the direct link.





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