NOW HIRING! Become a Marketing Rep for RJ Management!

We are currently hiring Marketing Representatives for the company website!


Individuals from any city looking to work Part time and earn extra money this is the perfect job for you! Being a Marketing Rep. allows you to work on your own time and to be in control of your pay. Training is 1-2 days, over email and finished with a 20 min call.

It is really easy! We sell any kind of printing job, Clothing, Hats, Bags, Pens, Business cards and more! Not including commercial sign printing. Clients can get any logo or design printed on any material.

This is a commission based paid position. You will have knowledge of your pay for anything that you sell. Our online website allows us to service our clients from any city/state. Reps receive a binder with all information to use as a reference.

Just recently Reps have started selling services from the website to earn extra commission.

Must be the age of 18 or older

Must have social networks

Customer Service or Sales Experience is required.

Access to a computer is required.

This position is great for entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry as you network with a lot of other professionals who are in the same career field. 80% of our clients are in the entertainment industry and 20% are small businesses.

Everyone is encouraged to apply!

Start as a Marketing Rep with the chance of moving up to a Full time Marketing Supervisor on Salary!

Ask us about our benefits !

Contact us for more details and with any questions!


RJ Management

RJ Management