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RJ Management is an online company helping entrepreneurs and related businesses in entertainment industry. Assisting with branding, networking, opportunities, promotion and more! Members receive FREE consultation and legit resources per request.


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Find professional entrepreneurs from all over the world and offer your services at the same time. Members can join even if they are unsigned or signed to a Distribution or Record Label. Members are not affiliated  as a client for management. RJ Management helps online solely to build and expand their brand.

Visitors and members are able to see your work and contact information as they browse the website. RJ Management has visitors from all across the world, exposing your brand to new faces for FREE!

Upgrade to a BEGINNER or ADVANCED membership for access to  FREE opportunities, Discounts on our Promotional shop, Coupons and more!  Upgrade or downgrade at any time! 

Allowed members are only entrepreneurs and businesses!

Individuals and or companies that are not in the entertainment industry are welcome to join if your clientele is.

Opportunities are restricted, only upgraded members have access.

Upgrade for legit gigs, free opportunities, free promotion and more! Downgrade after without any penalty.

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Save money while shopping with RJ Management! Affordable services and products are offered on the promotional shop to help everyone in the entertainment industry! Custom prints are available in bulk with minimums starting at only 3 quantity!

Quality graphics, web design, and prints for any project. Push your company worldwide or to a targeted audience boosting the websites traffic while increasing social following on all accounts! All budgets are accepted.




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Our spotlight was crated to shed light on entrepreneurs that are working their business professionally and consistently.
Winners are chosen from the website. Must be a member to be considered. For 30 days we are promoting an animated video all across the world on our Instagram. Hoping to gain our members new cliente or fans! Register today for free to have a chance at being our next entrepreneur to get the spotlight!

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